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Our Mission

To provide businesses with the best most current technologies at a reasonable market price.  We are not cheap we are priced correctly. 

Our Story

In 2010, initially focused on offering Asterix based IP PBX to deliver voice over IP telephony solutions to the micro-small business market. Throughout our evolution we decided to remove the risk of self development  and partnered instead with the best class 5 enterprise  VoIP infrastructure manufacturers that in fact are used by many of the world-class carriers use, and we follow a three geo-nodes redundancy strategy to make sure our services are always up and running.


Since our inception, has partnered with the top technology market leaders and innovators from the hosting data centers to the UCaaS enterprise switch manufacturers to deliver cost-effective, innovative, high-quality cloud-based VoIP communications services that offer enhanced functionality beyond traditional legacy solutions, with seamless provisioning and deployment.


Our commitment does not stop at VoIP services; we help our customers a centralized approach to their telecommunications solutions such as Software-Defined WAN, wireless internet, push to talk over cellular and business-grade cellular services as an authorized distributor reseller for T-Mobile for business.

We are a certified DBE company by the US Department of Transportation, a Nationally Certified Minority company by MNSDC, and have graduated from prestigious business programs such as Goldman Sack 10,000 small Business, Jim Mora Global Institute for entrepreneurship. has been offering communications services since 2010 (under a different company name), and our management has been in the telecommunications industry since 1996, working in pioneer work on speech recognition and delivering the first telecommunications products to the web.

Our team has been actively involved in the telecommunications and software integration  technology industry since 1996. 

With over $50 million in projects prior launching witpbx, we have worked with Fortune 500 companies in 65 cities in the US , 5 countries and well over  300 companies  across all  industry verticals such as trade and logistics, education, government, healthcare, and retail, we have a proven track record in the ecosystem.


Our platforms have the capacity to handle over  639,000 simultaneous calls and the highest voice-grade platform in the industry, we offer efficient and reliable high-quality voice service using our Tier 1 Telco Grade platform in a class 5 telecommunication switch and hosted at the most secure and redundant data centers in the globe. We hold prestigious affiliations such as the Goldman Sachs alumni from their prestigious ten thousand small business, minority certified business by National Minority Development Council (NMSDC), Infragard, T-Mobile for Business authorized channel partner and others

Experienced Leadership

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