Cloud-based Security and video surveillance

Business Intelligence. Enhanced Security. Centralized Monitoring. Security Analytics.

Integrated cloud-based video surveillance and access control solutions for enterprises. Video monitoring and sensor data analytics that delivers actionable insights. Business Intelligence. Enhanced Security. Centralized Monitoring. Security Analytics.
  • ACaaS: Integrated Access Control w/ Video Monitoring within one platform.

  • VSaaS: Access Anywhere, Mitigate Risks, Grow Insights, Experience Unity.

The most advanced cloud surveillance platform ever. See why everyone is switching over. No DVR/NVRs. AI-Powered Features. Incredible Software. True Efficiency. Zero Bandwidth. Easy-to-Use Software.

No matter where you are, you can access any camera from any device at any time. Alarms and notifications can be sent from any location, to any location. No need for servers, GSOC or 24/7 security staff.

From monitoring cameras to setting alarms and notifications, your organization can proactively respond to security events. Your data is secure: ARC2 encrypts data that is pushed to the cloud. Built-in features and analytics enable you to identify criteria that may lead to potential security risks so you can proactively respond.

Today's modern, growing enterprises want more from video monitoring systems. They're demanding analytics to optimize business operations. With cloud-based, built-in analytics you can analyze data to efficiently plan staffing, optimize workflows, boost customer satisfaction, and more.

Protect Your Business and Most Important Assets
The only IoT sensor platform with integrated security cameras for deeper insights into your physical space - managed effortlessly from one console.

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