Get your work done, no matter where you are 

Complete call control from any location with the Mobile Softphone.

Take your office with you using the iOS/Android mobile app. Make & receive calls using your office extension, access contact, control your presence.  Chat with colleagues or SMS ( with the mobile chat app


Get your work done, no matter where you are

1) Send and receive calls with office extension
2) Chat with colleagues or SMS your clients
3) Powerful call control including Conference, Transfer, and Record.
4) Protect privacy – callers see only your work number
5) Make extension-to-extension calls
6) Advanced Call Control – 3-way calling, transfer, hold, and more
7) Real-Time User Presence / Status
8) Connect over WiFi, 4G LTE and 5G
9) Enjoy multiple incoming call options including Answer, Transfer, Ignore, and Send to voicemail.

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