VoIP Hosted Call Center Solutions

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What Is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is a phone-based customer self-service system by which customers can get information and perform basic functions through the phone system without the aid of a live agent. IVR is often used for such purposes as checking an account balance, making a payment, or resetting a pin number.

One of the pitfalls of IVR is that it can confuse customers, who then choose to bypass the automated system. However, with WIT PBX, it is easy to design an intuitive self-service system that utilizes WIT PBX advanced voice recognition technology, helping your customers solve problems faster, freeing up time for your agents to focus on higher-value interactions, and boosting your customer satisfaction scores.

Why Cloud Call Centers?

The rapid adoption of new communication channels has laid waste to traditional call centers. Customers now demand a seamless experience across all channels, and to keep their accounts and prospects happy, organizations have been forced to make massive changes to their approach to customer engagement.

Your contact center is the lifeblood of the enterprise and anything you can do to improve agent results and customer experience is a major win for the business.

Most businesses are looking for a call center solution that allows them to deliver a unified customer experience across all communication channels, lower TCO, reduce maintenance headaches, increase ROI, get immediate access to new features and easily scale up or down to meet business fluctuations. Organizations with multi-location call centers, including those with agents working from home need a call center solution that meets their unique business requirements that maximize the intrinsic value of the cloud.

By establishing a single, cloud-based call center businesses can easily streamline operations and maximize staffing.

VoIP Contact Center Solutions
Next-generation voice services for your call center

WIT PBX cloud-based Contact Center enables the rapid delivery of a full-featured hosted contact center at little cost. This application provides an integrated, flexible ACD solution for any size business, supporting everything from individual users, to workgroups, to formal large scale Call Centers.

Supervisors and managers can easily access key data necessary to analyze and ultimately modify operations as necessary to reach optimal efficiency.

Lower Operational Costs

Take advantage of the operational savings from using VoIP along with the ability to use unlimited channels and scale capacity on a usage-based level.

Better Control and Flexibility

Consolidate multiple locations and remote agents together under one inbound number – a truly virtual architecture

Increase Agent Productivity

WIT PBX offers the highest quality interconnections, ensuring your agents’ calls complete with crystal clear quality.  Monitor calls with real time reporting.

Main Features


  • Web-Based Management

  • Free technical support

  • Free desktop phone

  • Call recording

  • Web site integration

  • Block calls

  • Free changes

  • International phone numbers

  • Router by hour of day and date of week

  • Remote Agents

  • ACD and Call Queuing

  • Greeting and Announcements

  • Call Handling Options

  • Queue Monitoring

  • Call Reporting

  • Call Recording

  • CRM Integration

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