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Provide Better Customer Support with Hosted Call Center Technology

Our Services

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Intelligent IVR software provides new ways to enhance self-service by incorporating AI to transform antiquated or frustrating IVR experiences.

  • Reduce wait time with more efficient call handling and processing

  • Increase first contact resolution by better subject matter identification and agent correlation through CRM integrations and data dips

  • Change caller options on the fly, without IT involvement, to stay in line with latest business programs and priorities

  • Maintain optimal call processing and avoid high abandon rates due to long wait times

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

ACD is a skills-based routing solution that supports quicker responses by directing calls to qualified agents or self-service solutions.

  • Skills-based routing to better direct incoming callers.

  • Enhanced analytics show process steps and identify potential problem areas.

  • Multiple channels can be supported per agent or redirected to the most qualified agents.

  • Deliver better customer experiences, shorter wait times and increased first call resolution with more effective caller-to-agent match.

  • Achieve higher first contact resolution

  • Reduce customer friction

  • Quickly route customers to an agent who has the right skills to answer their questions.

  • Reduce extensive IT support

Predictive Automatic Calling  Dialer

Spend less time dialing, make better connections- Auto Dialer is an automated dialing solution that improves connection rates, increases completed call volume, and accelerates campaign list handling.


  • Improve agent performance and productivity with rapid presentation of qualified, connected calls.

  • Ensure timely responses and actively manage agent answering processes to meet business objectives.

  • Increase revenue with dynamic list management and effective agent utilization.

  • Support Do Not Call regulations and provide the tools to support compliance efficiently and effectively.

  • Increase Sales & Improve Productivity.

  • Rapid presentation of qualified contacts maximizes agent output of calling to increasing the number of completed connections

  • Streamline effort with answering machine detection and best response libraries to expedite the interaction

  • Enrich the conversation with contextual information displayed the moment the interaction starts

Voice Bots - Automated Self Service 

Conversational voicebots understand language.  Deliver high-quality support at scale with automated conversations

Put voicebots to work in your call center. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered digital assistants engage with your customers with natural language. Customers can self-select through common questions and issues.

If something is too complex or needs a human touch, it’s passed to a live agent. The agent receives all context and details gained in the automated chat.

Voicebots also open up revenue growth opportunities through cross-selling and up-selling. They can make personalized recommendations based on customer history and preferences. Plus, the speed, accuracy and 24-hour availability of voicebots directly affects customer experience.

Simplify customer experiences with cloud contact center software

Create a contact center that goes beyond just calls

Traditional call center solutions only had to support customers by phone. But, with today’s customers expecting seamless cross-channel support, a simple phone system won’t cut it. You need to be ready to respond in real time on your customers’ channels of choice, including your website, social media channels and apps.

That means you need cloud-based contact center software with the essentials built in.


You must provide inbound and outbound support, including call routing, IVRemailchatsocial mediamessagingscreen shareself-service options, workforce optimization and analytics

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