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The Intelligent 360° All-in-One Camera for Medium-sized Microsoft Teams Rooms


  • An Inclusive way to interact with every teammate.
  • An Immersive way for enhanced Teams Rooms experience.
  • An Intelligent way for a richer audio experience.


Key Features


360-Degree Camera – Studies have shown that picture quality greatly affects the quality of the overall collaboration session, so having a 10K camera will ensure meetings run smoothly and are as productive as possible.


Multi-Stream People Feed –  This improves collaboration and inclusivity for remote participants in particular who get a greater feeling of being in the room rather than being at the side watching everyone else collaborate.


Intelligent Audio Features – This not only streamlines meetings by allowing for hands-free control, but it also make in-room participants feel more included by recognizing, labeling, and adding in-room participants to the meeting participant list.


Room Kit – The SmartVision 60 also comes with a Room Kit option, allowing it to be paired with the Yealink MTouch Plus touch panel, MCore Pro mini-pc, and WPP30 wireless presentation pod for a even more seamless meeting room experience.


Broader Integrations – For added flexibility, users can also choose to pair the SmartVision 60 with a mini-pc from leading brands like Lenovo or Dell. This allows for even more customization and compatibility within your Microsoft Teams Rooms setup.


Yealink SmartVision 60

  • No Hidden Attendees. More Inclusive Meetings.

    With the 360° coverage and center-of-the-table perspective, no one in the room will be hidden from view. The all-new 10K camera delivers stunning images with much more detail even in every crop. Remote attendees can now get a more inclusive meeting experience even when they are not there.

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