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Cyber VoIP

Cyber Security combine with VoIP 

Dont just elevate your phone systems but also protect get cyber security protection for your business.

  • Protect sensitive business data (financial records, client information) with robust encryption.

  • Implement secure file sharing and collaboration within teams, regardless of device type (Windows, Apple).

  • Ensure regulatory compliance with data protection mandates

  • Safeguarding intellectual property and confidential projects.

  • Enable secure remote work environments for employees, offering greater flexibility and peace of mind.

Most Helpful  Features  (85% of Businesses take full advantage) 

  • Unlimited Calling, SMS & Fax

  • Multi-Level Auto Attendant

  • Call Recordings

  • Visual Voicemail

  • Music on Hold

  • Local Number Porting & Direct Dial Number

  • Overhead Paging  

  • Role-Based Access Controls

  • Multi-Site Support

  • User Provisioning

  • Unlimited Calling within the US/CA

  • Free Local and Toll-Free Number

  • Top Rated Mobile App

  • Video and Audio Meetings

  • Team Collaboration

  • Unlimited Business SMS

Call Management Features 

  • Caller ID, Blocking, & Do Not Disturb

  • Call Forwarding & Transfer

  • Call Waiting & Parking

  • 3-Way Calling

  • Simultaneous Ring 

  • Call Monitoring

  • Call Queues

  • International Numbers

  • Hours of Operations 

  • Call Answering Rules 

Intercoms and Paging over VoIP

For facilities such as logistic warehouses, commercial spaces, schools, hospitals, offices, and recreation centers, rapid communication is both a necessity and a challenge. This is primarily due to both the size of the building and the mobile nature of the users within it. Intercom systems are a natural solution. They enable users to communicate to an entire facility, or certain parts of it, quickly and efficiently in a way that other endpoints simply couldn’t achieve. The resulting benefits are the greater connection between users, quicker response times, increases in productivity, and in some cases greater security.

  • Full-duplex speakerphone with HD acoustic chamber, advanced acoustic echo cancellation

  • 3 directional mics with MMAD & microphone beamforming array

  • Full-band and wide-band audio codec support including Opus & G.722

  • Integrated dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth

  • One 10/100Mbps network port with PoE/ PoE+

  • 2-pin multi-purpose input to support peripherals including call buttons

Stay competitive and lean with 100% cloud PBX

Traditional business phones (PBX systems), with their cable-filled closets and exorbitant monthly calling fees, have long been marching toward extinction. As of 2019, Frost and Sullivan estimated more than 82 percent of businesses had adopted or were planning to adopt a Cloud PBX in some part of their business. Events in 2020 suggest that percentage is going to accelerate quickly.

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