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Business SMS with Cloud Message from

Advanced text messaging service that allows businesses to communicate with their customers via text message while utilizing their existing phone numbers

Business SMS with CloudMessage offers the following features:

  • Number Sharing: Share access to numbers across users of the same organization, allowing team members to tag team customer support, all while keeping track of who said what.

  • Contact Lists: Conveniently manage your contacts and important details such as opt-out and consent message status, import in bulk, keyword subscriptions, and more.

  • Message Blasts: Send a single message to a large list of contacts for marketing, staff alerts, and organization notifications.

  • Canned Responses: Automatically reply with pre-written messages for common inquiries, away messages, and responses to set keywords.

  • Drip Campaigns: Apply a scheduled set of messages to a contact based on custom intervals.

  • Reminders: Create reminder messages to be sent to individual contacts based on set dates and times.

  • PBX Integration: Users can log in utilizing the same credentials as their PBX user, saving time, confusion, and allowing for future features like click to call.

Get firs month free contact sales at or call us at 305-358-8900

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