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What types of devices rely on analog telephone lines also known as POTs?

What types of devices rely on analog telephone lines also known as POTs?

Many systems have been built using POTs line signaling technology and depend on their reliability for their function. Some systems also depend on central office supplied power (48V DC on-hook). Examples of POTs dependent systems include:

Fire Alarms


Call Boxes and dedicated phones for 911 Emergency Services

Point of Sale Systems


Gate Access

Faxing and privacy compliance

Business Resiliency and BCDR (redundancy for other voice transport)

SCADA systems

Out of Band Systems Management is a nationwide wireless and VoIP provider helpinh businesses migrate their POTS line to digital solutions to lower cost and help with the FCC DA/FCC #: FCC-19-72

What is POTS? Origins of the Plain Old Telephone Service

POTS or Plain Old Telephone Service is a term that refers to the traditional landline phone system that many of us are familiar with.

Put simply, POTS is an analog voice transmission system that relies on copper twisted pair wires to connect callers. This system originates with the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell back in 1876, though there have been some upgrades since then.

Originally, the copper telephone lines were suspended overhead on poles or across rooftops. As technology advanced, though, it became more common to bury these lines underground. These traditional copper telephone lines are what we refer to as copper landlines or POTS lines.

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